McKenna Geotechnical is committed to helping make sustainable mining a reality. Founder Gord McKenna is working with Rob Abbott, the CEO of Abbott Strategies and expert and in sustainability, on a book on the integral elements of sustainable mining. The book will offer a blueprint to help corporate executives and mine managers enact meaningful measures of sustainability within a three-year period. These concepts will become the new normal in mining operations, to the same degree as safety standards and production objectives.  Mine can choose to be on the leading edge of this wave.

Like most natural resource sectors, the future of mining depends on sustainability becoming an industry standard. Though most mining companies are committed to sustainability, many have not confronted the urgency of the sustainability challenge and have often failed to develop clear, tangible strategies on how to turn the ideals inherent to sustainability into reality. They are on a path toward corporate change plotted over decades and often disparate from actual mine operations.

McKenna Geotechnical specializes in landform design, closure planning, soft tailings, mining geotechnique and teaching. We possess decades of experience in mine operations and provide professional consulting expertise to mines in Canada and around the world.
We offer short courses for students and practitioners on closure planning, landform design, and sustainable mining. These courses provide the tools and case histories registrants need to complete their own designs and plans.

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